About Feedwork

We are social nerds

Feedwork is a collection of social nerds with a big drive and a passion for better learning in organizations and the development of people. We call ourselves social because we know people and are good at working with their development. We call ourselves nerds because we love going into depth with the latest research in feedback, learning, psychology and personal development. Our common ground is that we have all felt the huge difference between being in healthy feedback cultures and in cultures where feedback does not exist at all.

We are competent

The reason why we are working with this is a combination of many years of independent research on feedback and learning driven by our passion, and our experiences from study and work environments – Feedwork has roots in military, elite sports, engineering, coaching and scrum.

We believe in training

We fundamentally believe that learning cannot be stuffed down people’s throats but is a process that occurs within the individual through experiences, reflection, analysis and, most importantly, action. In other words, no one became an expert on anything simply by reflecting and analyzing, because learning takes a great deal of training and experimenting. That’s why you’ll experience that we will prioritize actually training and experimenting in addition to trying to inspire and motivate throughout our courses.

We believe in a bright future

Since our launch in 2016, we have worked with thousands of people and supported a wide range of organizations in establishing a healthier feedback and learning culture in the private as well as public sector. Our ambitions about reaching even more people in the future have only grown because we know that the potential for better feedback and learning in organizations is still huge.

Reach Morten

Phone. +45 61 77 60 92

Mail: morten@feedwork.dk

Morten Melby

The first time you meet Morten, you will quickly get the impression that he is very open, competent and curious. You will probably also experience that Morten is very well spoken and argues objectively, without being afraid to bring his own opinions and perspectives to the discussion. If you meet him outside of work, he can talk for hours about cycling, sports, cooking and whatever is happening on the internet.


  • Reserve officer in the Royal Danish Air Force
  • Former elite athlete
  • Certified business coach
  • Co-founder of Feedwork
  • Currently studying his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Psychology at Copenhagen Business School

Reach Mikkel 

Tlf. +45 27 11 99 01

Mail: mikkel@feedwork.dk

Mikkel Norqvist

The words “pleasant”, “kind” and “enthusiastic” are probably what most people would use to describe Mikkel when they first meet him, but even more so when they get to know him better. In addition, Mikkel has a huge drive for constant progress which helps him solve problems and challenges quickly and efficiently. Outside of work, Mikkel loves spending his time with his family as a father and a girlfriend – and when he can find the time, he obsesses over American sports, particularly the NFL and the NBA.


  • Reserve officer in the Royal Danish Air Force
  • Former elite athlete
  • Certified business coach
  • Co-founder of Feedwork
  • Experience as sales manager

Reach Jonas

Tlf. +45 31 24 36 58

Mail: jonas@feedwork.dk

Jonas Bro

Jonas is described by others as an inspiring, enthusiastic and passionate person, who loves listening to others’ stories, their passions and their dreams. You will quickly get the sense that Jonas is very inquisitive and loves learning as well as sharing his own knowledge. He also has a great sense of humor, which makes his communication nuanced and lively. Meeting Jonas outside of work will probably involve a basketball or researching how to perform better mentally and/or physically.


  • M.Sc. in Finance and Strategic Management
  • Reserve officer in the Danish army
  • Former elite athlete
  • Certified business coach
  • Experience in corporate finance

Reach Danni

Tlf. +45 51 80 18 03

Mail: danni@feedwork.dk

Danni Liljekrans

People experience Danni as highly charismatic, full of life and extremely bright. This combination means that Danni can quickly charm his way into the hearts of many with no hidden agenda, but simply because that is who he is. Danni is a captivating storyteller which gives hm great success in inspiring and motivating others. Apart from researching feedback and learning, he is the proud bearer of the title “father” and is very interested in technological development.


  • M.Sc. in Robot Technology
  • Facilitator at True North
  • Certified coach
  • Certified Scrum Master
  • Former software developer
  • Currently studying his master’s degree in Leadership and Organizational Psychology
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Feedback above ego

We know that it is a natural instinct to protect yourself from feedback, because what if you get criticized? We believe it is way more important and valuable to seek out feedback and learn from it rather than trying to maintain a certain self-image and live in ignorance.

Progression above perfection

We believe that movement is the best basis for learning. That is why we are mindful of not letting the ideal of perfection be a block for experimentation. Progression combined with effort is very important in our project.

Relationships above profit

We believe in relationships. Our products are about relationships and if we were given the choice between higher profits or better relationships, we will always prioritize the latter. This goes for relationships to our customers, employees and partners alike.

Sustainability above consumption

We are a company that uses and consumes resources like any other company. We do not want to have an unnecessary consumption of material nor human resources, which is why we always consider the consequences of our choices.

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(People say that it's both pleasant and inspirational to talk to him)

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