Sustainability: Green business or just green marketing?

At Feedwork we help organisations, professionals and companies implement and use feedback professionally in their culture. ”It’s late in July and it is really cold outside in New York. Where the hell is GLOBAL WARMING??? We need some fast!” ”The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make […]

Conflict is key to learning and innovation

We’re often presented with a wide range of dilemmas in the workplace that highlight our fear of confrontations. Maybe someone stole one of your ideas and didn’t give you credit, but you’re too scared to confront them about it. Usually, we’d rather let it slide than to initiate a conflict, even if this means compromising […]

Charisma – God’s Gift or a Quality you can Develop?

Haven’t we all tried being in a situation where we have to present something to a group of people, and we just aren’t quite good enough? Desperately hoping for our charisma to kick in, we try to catch the attention of the others, but still, you catch Bob looking at his smartphone under the table, […]

Self-efficacy: Believe in Yourself and Perform Better

”You can do it! You just have to believe in yourself!” You’ve probably been on both ends of this encouraging statement at some point in your life. We can do anything if we believe in ourselves. At least that’s what we tell our kids. Maybe it’s about time we start telling our colleagues as well. […]

Is an Organic Lunch Scheme Enough to Foster Motivation?

Motivation has been and continues to be one of the most popular buzzwords in the corporate world. Being motivated is good, therefore every employee must be motivated at all times. Motivation is good for the workplace and good for the employee. We’re all familiar with this almost religious approach to motivation. But what does motivation […]

Know your Goal Orientation and Use it to Improve your Teamwork Skills

We’ve all been there. Teamwork, ugh. In the workplace, at school or anywhere else, working in groups or teams is inevitable. One of the main characteristics of group work is the confrontations between different types of people. Imagine that you’ve been placed in a group with the following types: Ben, who is super competent, dives […]

Can the Marshmallow Test Predict your Future Success?

With her eyes wide open, Sophie glares at the marshmallow as if she’s about to win a staring contest. Charlie sits on both his hands and tries to ignore the presence of the marshmallow, while Will carefully licks the marshmallow in a naïve attempt to satisfy the increasing need to consume the sweet and delicious […]

Feedback should be taught in school

We live in a non-communicative culture We live in a society where technological advances and social media impact our everyday lives. Children right down to the age of 3 know how to use an iPad and a smartphone better than most adults do, but what will the future look like if things continue like this, […]


How a healthy feedback culture shows up on your bottom line

If you’ve ever watched the tv show Shark Tank, you’ll know that the single most important issue for the investors is money. If Feedwork had a seat in the tv studio, we’d be asking the same questions. Sure, we need to get along and the well-being and motivation of our employees is important. But what […]


Why is giving and receiving feedback so difficult?

Do you recognize the following scenario? You have a colleague at work who has certain behaviors that are… less than ideal. Maybe he’s always complaining or creating a bad vibe, maybe she’s never done by the deadline, which means you have to work even harder, or maybe there’s that one colleague who always steals your […]