Virtual team development for a dispersed team of specialists at a global energy company

From dialogue culture to feedback culture

The team consists of 11 independent employees, who often work individually on their own projects in cooperation with other departments within the organization. The last year they have focused on creating a dialogue culture with the intention of strengthening the community feeling in the team, and the team leader thought the next step in the development of the team would be an increased focus on collegiate feedback – to strengthen relationships as well as increase learning within the team.

Feedwork was asked to contribute with the following:

  • Inspiration and motivation to ask for more feedback
  • Tools and skills to use in feedback dialogues
  • Knowledge about the mechanisms of useful feedback


The virtual sessions

Our solution was to conduct two virtual workshop sessions, as the team is widespread geographically. In order to maximize the learning outcome of the sessions, we emphasized the use of learning material and tasks we handed out before, during and after the sessions.

Specifically, we focused on the following:

  • Simple tools to use when asking for feedback
  • More awareness of our own and our colleagues’ preferences in terms of feedback
  • A plan with the team leader for how to implement and develop the feedback culture

“What these sessions contributed to, was to bring feedback from a vague term to specific tools and actions. When the barrier to asking others for feedback is broken down, it’s very interesting to experience how much learning there is to be done between colleagues and collaborators.”

- Team Lead, Senior Manager

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The team leader scored the sessions

9 / 10

for creating value for the team

10 / 10

for recommending Feedwork to others