Increased feedback awareness in dynamic software department at Keylane

Clear goals foster relevant and legitimate feedback

A relatively new department of the organization, which already reported high employee satisfaction, wanted to optimize their internal feedback culture as many employees required even more feedback in their daily work. Furthermore, the department wanted to improve how they worked with expectations and further develop their understanding of goal setting, which was why working with feedback seemed particularly relevant.


Focus on feedback where it matters

Our approach consisted of a combination of physical workshop sessions and individual coaching interviews with key employees from the department over the course of 4 months. Focus was on improving the skills of the employees in terms of feedback dialogues as well as the identification of situations where feedback could be implemented and optimized in their daily work. The latter was a crucial condition for the feedback to thrive and create value in the department.

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Key results

+27 %

Increase in how well-prepared employees felt before difficult feedback conversations


Increase in employees’ knowledge of the kind of feedback they needed

+29 %

Increase in employees’ ability to ask for feedback