Feedback kick-off for L’Oréal across 4 Scandinavian headquarters

A trusted advisor in the process

Through the help of an employee survey, the organization was made aware that there was a potential to use feedback as a more active part of their everyday routines. Upon identifying this, L’Oréal put a number of initiatives in place, such as the creation of a group of employees known as “Feedback Activators,” whose goal was to maintain attention and focus on the feedback culture. As part of this process, L’Oréal was interested in finding an external partner to help develop the interest in feedback as well as developing feedback skills among employees.


Feedwork was asked to:

  • Give 4 presentations about feedback at the Copenhagen offices
  • Deliver one kick-off presentation about feedback at the Stockholm, Oslo and Helsinki offices
  • Act as a advisor throughout the process


Watch Morten talk about why we should ask for more feedback during one of the presentations at L’Oréal Copenhagen.


Big steps in the right direction

The organization’s initiatives throughout 2019 resulted in a measured increase in employee feedback satisfaction with the help from Feedwork. The attention L’Oréal created in 2019 led to further workshops (including virtual workshops during the COVID-19 lockdown) and the development of an internal written feedback tool to gather and ask for specific feedback. Successful changes to organizational cultures require a sustained effort over a long time, which is why the organization continues to focus on feedback in 2020, with Feedwork’s support from the sidelines.

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