Project 5/5

We are a business that are consuming resources as any other business.  We are still a small company but we believe that all corporations should take responsibility in protecting our planet. Because of that we have launched our sustainability project. Project 5/5. The project is concerned with protecting the environment and taking responsibility.

5% of revenue

Every year we will donate an amount equal to 5% of our revenue to a sustainable initiative. Jointly we will decide which project we want to support each year. In the year of 2019 we have decided to support The Ocean Cleanup who collects plastic waste from the world’s oceans.
The oceans play an enormous role for the world’s climate, food supply and biodiversity. Unfortunately, we have been acting too carelessly leaving plastic waste around that ends up in the oceans, which is harmful to both animals and plants.  We think that The Ocean Cleanup has an ambitious approach to solve this serious problem which is the reason why we have decided to support this initiative in 2019.

5 days a year

To us it does not make sense to just donate money so we also want to donate our time to support initiatives that benefits the planet. Therefor we will spend 5 days a year doing environment-promoting activities.  Examples could be to provide education to environmental organizations, go pick trash up in our local area or participate in organized events. This way we would feel closer to the sustainable cause.