Increased well-being and personal development through feedback at the Department of Psychiatry in the Capital Region of Denmark

Kick-off workshop to improve the feedback culture

The secretariat and communications department (SKA) had from the beginning of 2019 decided to improve their internal feedback culture and made their own plan for integration in the department, which began with a trial period and subsequent evaluations of what worked and what did not. The overall goal was to increase well-being in the department and encourage personal development.

SKA asked Feedwork to help kick-off this initiative and needed help to create motivation for employees to participate in feedback dialogues and to contribute with specific feedback skills and tools to be tested in the trial period.


A push in the right direction

At the kick-off workshop, SKA marked the beginning of the feedback initiative in the department, increased awareness about daily communication and created a good starting point from which to work on feedback in the department.

“Danni and Jonas from Feedwork gave my department an energized and highly motivating start to our work on our feedback culture. The workshop gave us a push in the right direction. We got several useful tools and terms to work with, and we specifically discussed which occasions for feedback we’ll work with in the department over the next six months. One specific thing Danni and Jonas gave me as a leader was the awareness that I need to be conscious of being clear and precise in terms of what I wish to give or receive feedback on. It sounds simple, but it’s actually not that easy.”

- Mads Ellegaard Christensen, Head of the Secretariat and Communications Department, Capital Region of Denmark, Psychiatric

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