Why feedback?

Employee Maintenance

Feedwork work with coaching your employees and leaders in creating individual learning goals where the employee themselves will have an impact on their own development areas. These development areas are put in relation to the company´s overall goal/target. Hereafter, the employees will be coached in giving and receiving feedback in relation to their self outlined goals. In this way, we guarantee that your employees will always have a feeling of career development in the organization. This minimizes the risk of the employees obtaining a feeling of work-related fullness and they will therefore be less likely to look for other career options.
A study from the software company officevibe.comshows how companies that use frequent feedback on their employees have a 14,9% lower staff exodus than similar companies.

Dealing with stress

Feedback is a dialogue tool that can help your organization deal with the internal stress level. By integrating feedback as an active part of your communication, you will find it easier to identify the organization´s stress level because you can more effectively and qualitatively spot stress signals on an individual level. In healthy feedback cultures the members build stronger relationships and greater personal insight into each other’s lives as complete human beings. This allows you to help a person in situations that may conjure significant stress. Furthermore, frequent feedback gives the employee certainty about his or her current presentation level, which minimizes the stress factors connected to the question: Am I doing well enough? In this way, feedback will become the dialogue tool that will make your communication better and help you minimize the stress among your staff.

Better performance

Performance management contains several elements. Feedback is a part of what the literature calls the new performance management and is a new communicative tool that can create enhanced performance.
Previously, the traditional pay-for-performance systems where being used to motivate manual workers to increase the number of units produced. However, today´s information workers are not motivated by the same things and would much rather have autonomy and self-involvement at work. Continuous feedback is a necessary management tool in a work environment characterized by autonomy and self-involvement. In this way, we can make sure the workers are working toward the company´s strategic goals within their own settings. In this way, we can insure motivating conditions for the employees while at the same time keeping our eyes on the prize.

Change management

People are not prone to changes by nature- but an open feedback culture can help smoothen the process of change. Feedwork´s workshops create a more transparent and trusting communication that enables you to continuously make smaller adjustments as a part of the changing process in order to make the fit for your employees better. The risk of the change being misconceived and resistance emerges is hereby minimized. If you let the workers achieve insight into these intentions and conditions in relation to the change. a larger accept within the staff is created, and this will help the implementation. At the same time, the better communication enables the employees to generally be more willing to adapt to new things. It´s because the professional feedback they receive creates trust in relation to the organizations operational initiative.


In the book, Fair Proces, Bo Vestergaard, 2012, you can read more about how you can incorporatemore employee involvement in process changes.

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