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We have helped several organisations to build their feedback culture.


To achieve a healthy and effective feedback culture there is a series of elements that have to be present. It is not always enough to practice communicative models or frameworks if the underlying trust is too weak. Studies of scientific papers, own experiences with high performance cultures from elite sports and military service and data collected through the work in our clients organisations over the last years have resulted in the identification of exactly these 5 pillars. The 5 pillars serves as reference framework for all of our training, education and analysis.

  • Trust
  • Curiosity
  • Appreciative environment
  • Competencies & structure
  • Goals 

Why is the feedback culture of your organisation important?

Our solutions

Training in feedback

This training focuses on how to use healthy feedback as a natural part of an everyday communication in your organisation. Methods, frameworks and knowledge that empowers the employee to feel safe when delivering and receiving feedback.

Business coaching 

Feedworks coaching education covers the curriculum for the academy subject "Coaching in organisations" on 10 ECTS points. This is just a small part of what you will learn on the education, which empowers you to conduct professional coaching sessions.


Prior to selecting the educational elements for the customers process we make sure that we understand their situation and prerequisites for the work towards a healthy feedback culture.

Different organisations with different purposes leads to differentiated needs. The analysis results and a draft road map is presented to the organisation, after which final corrections and tweaks are made.

The road map is now approved and we begin the execution of it. We have a series of educational principles that serves as backbone in what we call sustainable education.

Did we reach the goals and what are the next steps from here? This is the question that needs an answer in the evaluation phase. The evaluation can take shape in many ways - surveys, interviews, metrics etc.

Project 5/5

We are a business that are consuming resources as any other business.  We are still a small company but we believe that all corporations should take responsibility in protecting our planet. Because of that we have launched our sustainability project. Project 5/5. The project is concerned with protecting the environment and taking responsibility.

Our team

Morten Melby
Morten is a creative presenter with an eye for innovative solutions. When he does not teach he is responsible for our digital media and product development.

Get in contact morten@feedwork.dk 

Mikkel Norqvist
Mikkel has a special feel for team dynamics, which he decodes in the blink of an eye. When he does not teach he spends his time in networking events and in dialogue with existing and potential customers. 

Get in contact mikkel@feedwork.dk

Jonas Bro
Jonas is always curious to find the root causes of your teams collaborative dynamics; “Why do you work as you do?“. When Jonas is not at our costumers facilitating educational events, he is in charge of the companys finances and long term strategy.

Get in contact jonas@feedwork.dk

Danni Liljekrans
Danni is a sharp consultant who uses his facilitation skills in a focused and professional way when working with our clients. When Danni is not facilitating educational interventions with our clients, he uses his technical background to optimize our customer journey.

Get in contact danni@feedwork.dk

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